Light on the horizon in Kelowna, BC, Canada (photo: Paul Moxness, 2021)

When I was 22, all I wanted was to be 40.

This thought struck me as I left the tax office in Norway’s 4th largest city on a dreary day in 1982. When the letter summoning me to a meeting had arrived in the mail, I’d opened it with the…


2015 has been an incredibly challenging year. Attacks on the streets of Paris and Copenhagen, many more months of Ebola endurance in Sierra Leone, an earthquake in Nepal, tourists targeted on the beaches of Tunisia and, for us, the ultimate tragedy: a terrorist attack on…

In Belgium they brew the best beer in the world
It cheers every boy and warms every girl
Trappist it’s called and it’s brewed and it’s drunk
In an old cloister by an old monk

But in the new world there’s something a float
It’s growing quite fast and we’re all…

Maria and Alex from Top Delice. (Theo took the picture!)

This is the story of Top Delice at Aspria
Where Alex and Theo and super Maria
Quelled any hunger and quenched every thirst
Aspria’s the place where service comes first

After long days of profits and losses
And listening to unsatisfied bosses
It was off to the gym to pedal and sweat

Les Garnements, our favourite brasserie in Paris

When cities are ranked, no city’s above
The city of lights, the city of love
Paris in Springtime, new life on display
Blossoming trees line the Champs Elysees

It’s quiet there now, there’s no one around
It’s quiet there now, there’s hardly a sound
I remember my friends from the city so great
I remember the times when we laughed while we ate

Digesting our dinner, drinking way too much wine
For a night it’s OK, for a night it’s just fine
Singing old songs, singing way out of tune
Those evenings have ended, they ended too soon

Cheers to our friends from near and from far
Cheers to our friends wherever they are
Cheers to our friends, till next time we’re there
Raise a glass for the guys, let them know that we care

Train Station and Mid-Town Station are in Kelowna, B.C., Canada

I met an old man down by the sails
He shouted out loud, “We’ve gone off the rails”
No worries for me or our glorious nation
We ain’t got the train but we’ve still got a station

When I was a kid, we had trains on the tracks
Carrying goods to…

The Skinny Duke’s sign and an 18 year-old kid embarking on a gap year that lasted four decades

I had bellbottom jeans and fairly long hair
My shoes were plateaus under the flare
It was normal back then when I was a kid
It was just what we wore and just what we did

In somebody’s basement I’d get my groove on
I danced like Travolta with Ms Newton…

When you are little you learn little prayers.
They’re meant for guidance as you’re climbing life’s stairs.

Slowly you grow and you earn your own will.
Sometimes you forget, you need guidance still.
You follow a group, you’re part of a crowd,
The sunshine of life becomes hidden by cloud.

Paul Moxness

Writer, Storyteller, Basement to Board Room Hotel Security Specialist, Author of upcoming book: The 4-Decade Gap Year - 87 Stories from the University of Life

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