Stories a Red Bird Told

Paul Moxness
2 min readApr 20, 2020

In Belgium they brew the best beer in the world
It cheers every boy and warms every girl
Trappist it’s called and it’s brewed and it’s drunk
In an old cloister by an old monk

But in the new world there’s something a float
It’s growing quite fast and we’re all taking note
There’s beer on the menu, it’s really quite good
It soothes and cools just like good beer should

On a late autumn eve if you’re out and about
May I suggest a dark glass of tasty Tomb stout
Another good choice when the day has grown shorter
Is a frothy smooth sleeve of Paramount Porter

If lager’s your taste and you’re on the make
Impress your fair maiden with Lady of Lake
IPA is a beer with fans in our nation
If you want to join in drink Antipsipation

But if you’re a brave or adventurous soul
Turkey Turner’s your friend, so make it your goal
It’s strong and it’s potent, percentage is nine
Just one single glass will make you feel fine

These are the stories and tales that I’ve heard
Whispered to me by a funny Red Bird
When we had our wee chat, I don’t think I was drunk
I was thirsty and grateful, to drink like a monk



Paul Moxness

Writer, Storyteller, Basement to Board Room Hotel Security Specialist, Author of upcoming book: The 4-Decade Gap Year - 87 Stories from the University of Life