Off The Rails

I met an old man down by the sails
He shouted out loud, “We’ve gone off the rails”
No worries for me or our glorious nation
We ain’t got the train but we’ve still got a station

When I was a kid, we had trains on the tracks
Carrying goods to the seaports and back
Rumbling and screeching they went rolling by
Some spewing smoke that blackened the sky

No tracks no more but we do have a trail
That follows the path from the day we had rail
Changes will come to most every nation
We don’t need the train, but let’s keep the stations!

— — —

Train Station Pub ( and Mid-Town Station Kitchen + Drink ( are in Kelowna, B.C., Canada

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Writer, Storyteller, Basement to Board Room Hotel Security Specialist, Author of upcoming book: The 4-Decade Gap Year - 87 Stories from the University of Life

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