Faith, Hope and Love

Paul Moxness
2 min readApr 12, 2020

When you are little you learn little prayers.
They’re meant for guidance as you’re climbing life’s stairs.

Slowly you grow and you earn your own will.
Sometimes you forget, you need guidance still.
You follow a group, you’re part of a crowd,
The sunshine of life becomes hidden by cloud.

Yet the staircase of life has no rails at all,
When troubles arrive, you stumble, you fall.
Back to the bottom, way down below,
And still darkness reigns, you’ve nowhere to go.

You wander around all desperate and lost,
You keep breaking the rules and paying the cost.
Deep down inside on your darkest night
A search starts for guidance, a search starts for light.

You remember your childhood, you remember your prayers,
And then there you are at the foot of the stairs.
Reach up and reach out and a hand you will find,
A hand that will guide you, it’s caring and kind.

Hold on to that hand and help others too,
Pray for your loved ones as they pray for you.
Climb steady onward with no fear of falling,
For protected are those who answer this calling.

Then when it’s time to meet God above,
Just three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love.

And the greatest of these is Love.

Stay safe, Always Care

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