Ode to Les Garnements

When cities are ranked, no city’s above
The city of lights, the city of love
Paris in Springtime, new life on display
Blossoming trees line the Champs Elysees

It’s quiet there now, there’s no one around
It’s quiet there now, there’s hardly a sound
I remember my friends from the city so great
I remember the times when we laughed while we ate

Digesting our dinner, drinking way too much wine
For a night it’s OK, for a night it’s just fine
Singing old songs, singing way out of tune
Those evenings have ended, they ended too soon

Cheers to our friends from near and from far
Cheers to our friends wherever they are
Cheers to our friends, till next time we’re there
Raise a glass for the guys, let them know that we care



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