Alex and Theo and Super Maria

This is the story of Top Delice at Aspria
Where Alex and Theo and super Maria
Quelled any hunger and quenched every thirst
Aspria’s the place where service comes first

After long days of profits and losses
And listening to unsatisfied bosses
It was off to the gym to pedal and sweat
And then to the bar where our needs would be met

A Grimbergen beer or a nice glass of wine
Did more than the gym to help us unwind
Sometimes we stayed to have a quick bite
Sometimes we stayed long into the night

Maria would smile and Alex would pour
Theo would serve and then bring us more
The food was delicious, we never got thin
Despite all the hours we spent in the gym

Sometimes I wandered, sometimes I roamed
Then for ten lucky years Brussels was home
Where Alex and Theo and Super Maria
Served ace after ace in Top Delice at Aspria



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Paul Moxness

Paul Moxness

Writer, Storyteller, Basement to Board Room Hotel Security Specialist, Author of upcoming book: The 4-Decade Gap Year - 87 Stories from the University of Life