Skinny Duke’s Glorious Emporium

Paul Moxness
2 min readApr 13, 2020
The Skinny Duke’s sign and an 18 year-old kid embarking on a gap year that lasted four decades

I had bellbottom jeans and fairly long hair
My shoes were plateaus under the flare
It was normal back then when I was a kid
It was just what we wore and just what we did

In somebody’s basement I’d get my groove on
I danced like Travolta with Ms Newton John
I’d have a few beers and look at the moon
Dreaming of lighting up Ms. Debbie Boone

I packed up my bag and went off for a year
Four decades later I ended up here
Back where I started but now with a wife
Back to Kelowna to start a new life

A teenager left and two boomers returned
Happy to share all the things that we’ve learned
Still loving this life, still looking for cheer
We found Skinny’s place when thirsting for beer

Skinny’s a Duke and a welcoming one
With wonderful staff that is second to none
A Glorious Emporium of the most special kind
Enjoy a meal or a drink or just simply unwind

It’s like somebody’s basement, go get your groove on
At the place where they play all those 70s songs
We’ll have a few drinks then go look at the moon
And dream of returning to Skinny Duke’s soon

— — — -

Skinny Duke’s Glorious Emporium is a bar and restaurant in Kelowna, BC, Canada (

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