Less About Take, More About Give

Paul Moxness
1 min readApr 12, 2020

What if all paths that led leaders to rule
Showed life isn’t learned just by going to school
What if the life that all leaders live
Was less about take and more about give

Our world is so great in so many ways
We need all kinds of folk not just MBAs
We need people to think and build and provide
New ways to bridge across any divide

Dare to take paths that lead a leader to rule
While knowing that life isn’t learned in a school
Dare to take steps to make the life that you live
One less about take and more about give

Divisions of culture, religion and wealth
Are all caused by thinking too much of oneself
We’ll see divisions dissolve if we’d only just dare
There is so much to gain if we’d just always care.

A true leader leads to protect what is dear
And a true leader leads without bowing to fear
For a true leader knows that this one life we live
Is less about take and more about give.



Paul Moxness

Writer, Storyteller, Basement to Board Room Hotel Security Specialist, Author of upcoming book: The 4-Decade Gap Year - 87 Stories from the University of Life